Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Brooklyn Beckham outet himself as fans of "Germany´s Next Topmodel"-contestant Stefanie

Brookly Beckham has a crush on GNTM- Stefanie?!

Brooklyn Beckam , 15 postet several pictures of "Germany´s Next Topmodel" contestant Stefanie,17 on Instagram. With the capition "She´s  soooooo pretty and hot!".
Like his father he obviosly has a thing for Brunetts with brown eyes.
Another post of Brooklyn says " haha I definitley tell my mum she should get Stefanie for her next show @steffie_gie @victoriabeckham"
This would be a milestone for the young german model.

Stefanie is also one of the favourites in the competition , and in the last episode she toutched the press and the judges with her moving medical storie.

Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

The Victoria´s Secret fashion show is coming to London

The VS Fashion Show is coming to London!!

I know it is a few days ago scince Victoria´s Secret announced that they are holding their anual and legendary fashion Show in London this year !

Angel Adriana Lima opened the conference at the Victoria´s Secret New Bond Street store with the words ."The Victoria´s Secret fashion show is the biggest fashion event in the world . We are very proud to and honoured to announce that we´re headed to London this year".

Adriana Lima was accompanied by VS Angel Candice Swanepoel, who wore the famous Royal Fantasie Bra during last years Show, and Ed Razek Victoria´s Secret chief marketing officer. According to him Victoria´s Secret wanted the show to take place in London scince 1998
Usually the show takes place in New York City, but it also took place in Los Angeles, Miami and Cannes.

We know that the show will be staged at the Earls Court Exhibition Center on December 2nd.. They didn´t know yet who would perform during this years show but Lima confessed she´d love to see Prince Harry sitting in the front row  and Ed Razek revealed that he told UK model Cara Delevinge to save this years date .